5th International Conference on Multidisciplinary and Current Educational Research (ICMCER-2024)


Day 1 - 11th March 2024

Time: Thailand (GMT +7)

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM

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Special Speech by Guest of Honor Technoarete Groups

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Speech by Keynote speaker
Assoc Prof.Dr Abdul Rahim Ridzuan

Department of Economics and Finance
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

11:00 AM – 11:20 AM

Speech by Session speaker
Assist. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Malik

Program Director (Philosophy and Religion)
Assumption University, Bangkok City, Thailand

11:20 AM – 11:30 AM

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Technical Session - 1

12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

Networking Lunch

01:30 PM - 01:50 PM

Speech by Session Speaker
Assoc Prof. Sr Ts. Dr. Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor

Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia.

01:50 PM – 03:50 PM

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03:50 PM – 04:00 PM

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Day-2 - 12th March 2024

Time: Thailand (GMT +7)

09:30 AM – 09:40 AM

Introduction & Welcome Speech by Moderator

09:40 AM – 10:10 AM

Speech by Keynote speaker
Prof .Dr. Tarik A. Rashid

Professor in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation,Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, University of Kurdistan Hewler Iraq.

10:10 AM – 11:10 AM

Technical Session - 1

11:10 AM – 11:30 AM

Speech by Session Speaker
Dr. Intakhab Alam Khan

Professor of Education
King Abdulaziz university, Saudi Arabia

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Technical Session - 2

12:30 PM – 01:00 PM

Networking Lunch

01:00 PM – 01:20 PM

Speech by Session Speaker
Dr. Abdel Hamid Soliman

Professor of Signal Processing and Telecommunications
Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

01:20 PM – 03:00 PM

Technical Session 3

03:00 PM – 03:10 PM

Valedictory function

03:10 PM – 03:20 PM

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Keynote Session

Assoc Prof.Dr Abdul Rahim Ridzuan

Department of Economics and Finance
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Dr. Abdul Rahim Ridzuan is an Associate Professor and economics lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Melaka, Malaysia. His academic journey is marked by a strong foundation, holding a Bachelor's degree in International Economics from Universiti Multimedia, a Master's degree in International Economics from Universiti Putra Malaysia, and earning his PhD in International Economics from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2017.
Dr. Abdul Rahim Ridzuan has made significant contributions to academia, having successfully supervised 2 PhD students and 1 master's student, while currently mentoring 6 PhD students. His research expertise extends to key roles at the Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (IBDAAI) unit at Universiti Teknologi MARA and the Centre for Economic Development and Policy (CEDP) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He is also affiliated with the Accounting Research Institute and the Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Policy, both at Universiti Teknologi MARA.
Beyond his home country, Dr. Abdul Rahim Ridzuan has been acknowledged as a Visiting Professor at esteemed foreign universities, including those in Turkey and Indonesia. Presently, he holds the position of Visiting Professor at the University of Cyberjaya in Malaysia.
Dr. Abdul Rahim Ridzuan's prolific research record encompasses over 171 publications in various academic outlets. His dedication to advancing knowledge has resulted in securing research grants totaling RM2 million at both national and international levels. His commitment to excellence has earned him more than 60 awards, including recognition as the Most Prolific Author and accolades for his outstanding publications and contributions to consultations.

Tarik Ahmed Rashid: received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Informatics degree from College of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University College Dublin (UCD) in 2001-2006. He pursued his Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Computer Science and Informatics School, College of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University College Dublin (UCD) from 2006-2007. He joined the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) in 2017. He has also been included in the prestigious Stanford University list with 2.7% of the best world researchers for the year 2020.
Tarik is on the list of top 10 researchers in the Al-Ayen Iraqi Researchers Ranking (2022). AIR-Ranking 2022 is a national ranking organized by Al-Ayen University to honour those who have worked inconclusively to promote the Iraqi researcher image in the international domain. A group of highly skilled members has performed the ranking with the condition of the researcher having at least an H-index of 12 with more than 12 research papers in the Scopus database in 2021 and at least an H-index of 6 in WOS. The ranking of the researcher was established by considering several academic network websites that is including Web of Science, Scopus, Sci-Val, ResearchGate, Publons, and Google Scholar.

Prof .Dr. Tarik A. Rashid

Professor in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation
Dean of the School of Science and Engineering
University of Kurdistan Hewler,Iraq.

Session Speakers

Assoc Prof. Sr Ts. Dr. Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor

Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Sr Ts. Dr Noorsidi Aizuddin Bin Mat Noor begins his academic career after graduating his degree and pursued his study till PhD degree level. He is a Registered Probationary Valuer with The Board of Valuer, Appraisers, Estate Agent & Property Manager (BOVAEAP), Malaysia. He has been a trusted examiner for professional exams under BOVAEAP and an expert panel for MQA to accreditation prog. in Real Estate in Malaysia, since 2015. His area of expertise and research interest includes Property Economics, Real Estate Valuation, Housing Policy and Issues, Community Dev., Urban Studies & Property Dev. His strengths lie on his networks with local and international industries as well as in both private & government sectors. He has led various high profile projects as well as other prog. and covering internal & overseas organizations. He has published a variety of articles related to real estate & community dev.
Amidst this, he has coached exceptional graduates, one of which has recently graduated with a PhD, Graduated On Time and Chancellor’s Award Receiver. Previously appointed as MaGICX Sdn Bhd's CEO, UTM's Technovation Park Manager, Center for Real Estate Studies Vice President (Consultation) and also as a Quality Manager for the Faculty. In 2017, he received Best Academic Advisor award from UTM. He received numerous others awards as a recognition of his contributions. Also been appointed as Editorial Board of a number of journals and been invited and appointed as a Board Member for the RPKKJ (2014-2021).His appointment as the Head of Fellows for the CEO@Faculty 2.0 Cycle 2 (AIxCHANGE) prog., a flagship academia-industry linkages prog. under the MoE has had a huge impact on his own professional dev. & led him to establish networks with the various individuals & teams at the ministerial level & industry, to form a symbiotic relationship between industry, university, & community, in various ways.He has a vast experience in management, administration & teaching in higher education.

Abdel-Hamid has over 32 years of experience in the academic and industrial fields. He has a multi disciplinary academic/research experience in digital signal processing including image/video processing, telecommunications, data acquisition systems, wireless sensor networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT) and Fibre Optics communication. He is working to harness and integrate different technologies towards implementing smart systems to contribute to smart cities and real-life applications. His research activities are not limited to the national level within the United Kingdom but are internationally extended to many partner Universities in various countries. His research has produced over 70 refereed papers on highly rated journals/conferences.
In addition to his research activities, he is involved in several enterprise projects and consultancy activities for national and international companies. He hassecured and been leading and involved in several externally funded projects on national, European and international levels, totalling £19M.
Dr Soliman’s work has been recognised through several awards such as: Lord Stafford award “Impact through Innovation”, for Designing and developing a smart monitoring and controlling system for diabetic people. The AWM ICT Excellence awards for “Best Knowledge Transfer project” category, for Designing and developing an electronic bladder diary, and UHNS “Clinical Innovation” award, for Designing and developing an online multimedia-based training system for surgeons.

Dr. Abdel Hamid Soliman

Professor of Signal Processing and Telecommunications
Staffordshire University
United Kingdom

Assist. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Malik

Program Director (Philosophy and Religion)
Assumption University
Bangkok City, Thailand

Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Malik is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Philosophy and Religion at Assumption University of Thailand. He received BA and MA in Islamic Theology from Darul Nadwat-Ul-Ulama, Lucknow, India; in the meanwhile, he also earned BA and LL.B from Lucknow University. He furthered his studies in philosophy and obtained MA and PhD from Assumption University, Bangkok. His teaching and research interests are in Philosophy, Religion, Islamic Studies, Ethics, and Bioethics

Scientific Session



Abstract :

In the era of information and communication technology development, information that was previously in analog form has now turned into digital form. This transfer utilizes digital technology, enabling information to be accessed and transmitted via internet equipment and networks. This technological development has expanded to various aspects of life and has become an important need for all individuals in society. Education is one of the institutions that has also experienced significant changes as a result of this innovation. Character education is an important part of the educational process, where various individuals are involved to achieve good goals and educate the younger generation to be ready to face competition. The values of character education become integrated and materialized in the learning process, forming students who have integrity and good social skills. Educators have a crucial role in shaping the character of students in elementary schools. They serve as role models and examples for students, thus becoming role models that students follow. This literature research aims to understand the role of digitalization in the formation of student character in elementary schools and how an educator can contribute to this process by utilizing existing digital technology.


WidiyaSaputri Wulandari

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Abstract :

This study aims to identify and propose solutions to the challenges faced by school principals concerning service quality in elementary schools. Employing a qualitative descriptive research approach, the study gathered data through observations, interviews, and document analysis. The data analysis involved identifying key issues and focusing on problems within the institutions. The findings revealed challenges related to human resources, including educators and school staff, as well as a lack of public trust in these institutions. Educators and staff members require encouragement and recognition from local education authorities. Furthermore, there is insufficient involvement from local education agencies in monitoring the progress of state school institutions.

Keywords: School Challenges, Principal Issues, Quality of Service

Paper Title : Challenge of Implementing Pancasila Student Profiles in Character Building to Overcome Bullying in Primary Schools

Agus Herwanto

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Abstract :

Bullying in elementary schools is a disturbing social problem and can be long-term negative impacts on students' character development and psychological well-being. To overcome this bullying, the application of the Pancasila student profile is relevant because it provides a strong moral foundation for forming good character and overcoming bullying behaviour. This research examines the principles of applying the Pancasila student profile in the formation of student character in elementary schools. This research uses qualitative methods with interviews and observations as data collection tools. The research shows several challenges that arise, including: (1) limited understanding of Pancasila values among students and teachers, (2) lack of teacher interest in self-development to integrate Pancasila values in daily learning, (3) challenges in combining a formal curriculum approach with Pancasila-based character education, and (4) student resistance to behaviour change. T o overcome this challenge, there needs to be a more systematic and sustainable effort to encourage understanding and appreciation of Pancasila values among students and teachers. Training and professional development of teachers in integrating Pancasila values into the curriculum must be improved. Apart from that, a more creative and participatory approach needs to be applied in teaching Pancasila-based character, as well as involving students in the process of forming their own character. This research provides useful insights for stakeholders, such as schools, teachers, and the government, in efforts to overcome bullying in elementary schools through the application of the Pancasila student profile in building student character.

Keywords : Independent Learning Curriculum, Student Character, Bullying, Elementary School

Paper Title : Village Marginal Women Empowerment with Paulo Fraire’s Problem Approach

Siti Aisyah

Yogyakarta State University
Abstract :

Marginal village women are a group of people who are marginalized so they are unable to adapt to existing developments. Village marginal women do not have strong relationships and power in order to adjust their identification of needs so that they are in line with the demands of village development developments. Village marginal women's groups do not get more attention in various fields of life, both from the government and the village community as a whole. Women's groups experience obstacles in expressing themselves, speaking up to convey their rights and submitting opinions on the things that are experienced, so that they are seen as powerless in the wider community. The purpose of this study was to analyze the extent to which efforts to empower marginal village women are based on Paulo Fraire's point of view by using a problem-solving approach in the context of four levels of awareness. The research method used is literature review. The results obtained based on the literature review show that: (1) empowerment of marginal rural women has been carried out in various countries including Indonesia with different empowerment concepts. This empowerment is carried out on a regional, national and international/global scale; and (2) empowerment of marginal rural women based on Fraire's theory has been carried out in several countries such as Finland, Pakistan, Nepal, China and other countries. However, in Indonesia, Fraire's concept of empowerment has not been able to be implemented properly and is only able to reach the intransitive awareness stage.

Keyword: Empowerment, Village Marginal Women, Approach to Problems.


Asman Bin Mohd Tahir1 Dian Riani Said2

Abstract :

This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Seminar-Based Discussion as a method to increase student's confidence in speaking English in the context of the Creative English Club. In the design of this study, the researcher used Classroom Action Research (CAR) with two cycles and consisted of four meetings. This research was conducted at SMAN 16 Bone. The subjects of this study were students who were members of the creative English club of SMAN 16 Bone. The number of students who are active in this creative English club is 30 people. The study involved two cycles of intervention and assessment. The pre-test results showed that only a small number of students achieved satisfactory scores, while most others were below the target level, indicating a lack of student enthusiasm and engagement during regular learning sessions. The questionnaire results showed that Seminar-Based Discussion contributed to a more enjoyable learning experience, which positively affected students' confidence. In addition, observation results showed that the method fostered teamwork, expanded students' vocabulary, improved pronunciation, and increased overall engagement. In conclusion, Seminar-Based Discussion proved to be an effective approach in increasing students' confidence in speaking English, making it a valuable tool for language teachers and learners alike.

Paper Title : Deep Learning Technique for Analyzing Genetic Regulation of Estrogen Receptor Inhibition during Memory Formation

Ahnaf Tahmid Saad

Abstract :

Over the past few decades, Ribosome Profiling methodology has captivated the genome-wide data acquisition within living cells, offering a sophisticated view of these occur- rences at the level of singular nucleotide. Memory formation involves intricate translational repressive mechanism in the brain such as inhibition of estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1). Conventional mutual transcript-level down-regulation technique via ESR1 in- hibition has following limitations: lack of granularity to decipher convoluted genetic regulatory dynamics, complications engen- dered during integrating transcriptome-translatome data from different conditions and narrow potential band to identify regu- latory network- which hinder actual analysis of gene regulation over time. To solve above mentioned restraints at genomic level, this paper proposes novel deep learning approach which offers the potential optimization. This self-supervised learning has attained enhanced dynamic resolution during memory formation by applying time series analysis, differential expression analysis and clustering model. Smooth data integration is achieved by multimodal fusion methods on combined transcriptomic and ribosome profiling data to govern targeted genes. Thus, this model gains comprehensive findings in interpreting biological connotations and genetic regulation during memory formation.

Index Terms : ribosome profiling, estrogen receptor, deep learning, genetic regulation, memory formation

Paper Title : Analysis of Science Literacy Skills of Primary School Teacher Education Students in Terms of Critical Thinking and Science Process Skills

Kinanti Pangestu,

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Abstract :

This research aims to determine the science literacy skills of Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD) students in terms of critical thinking and science process skills in science learning. The approach used in this research is quantitative. The research was conducted on 53 Primary School Teacher Education students from Yogyakarta State University. The sampling technique used in this research was total sampling. Data collection was done using a test method, specifically a subjective test. The data processing method in this research utilized the IBM SPSS Statistics 24 program. The results of this research indicate that (1) Critical thinking skills have a significant positive relationship and influence on students' science literacy skills; (2) Science process skills have a significant positive relationship and influence on students' science literacy skills. The implication of this research is that science learning in higher education should emphasize learning with critical thinking skills through science process competencies in its practice, either by using suitable models or learning approaches.

Index Terms: critical thinking skills, process skills, science learning, scientific literacy


Lei May Almaden-Dalaten

AMA University ,roel
Abstract :

The study analyzes how personal halal beliefs affect BARMM halal restaurant service quality. The study investigates restaurant halal practices, service quality, and personal halal beliefs and gives recommendations to improve food facility service and compliance. The Philippines' rising Muslim population is driving halal product and service demand. The study fills the Bangsamoro-specific variables affecting organizational operational efficacy research gap. The study's research questions include service quality, restaurant halal practices, the relationship between service quality and personal halal beliefs, issues in complying with halal standards, and the development of a program. This study triangulated quantitative and qualitative data and uses Likert scale surveys and interview guides. SERVQUAL assessed efficiency, and service quality. A literature review and best practices question alignment enhanced reliability and accuracy. Data analysis shows BARMM restaurant customers' demographics. These places draw men and women equally. These firms emphasize affordability to attract all income levels. Halal beliefs influence their food choices. Halal regulation is improving guest handling, but staff awareness needs growth. Halal certification requires government, marketing, and promotion for restaurants. Service quality, customer satisfaction, and halal-certified restaurant growth will show program success. Halal principles influence clients' opinions and decisions, therefore BARMM food businesses must modify services.

Keywords: Service Quality, Personal Halal Belief, Restaurant Halal Practices, and BARMM

Paper Title : Factors, Challenges, and Prospects of Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Development in a Regional Context: The Case of Lanao del Sur Province

Ameenah R. Gumal,

Mindanao State University Main Campus
Abstract :

This study aimed to grasp an in-depth understanding of the existing factors, challenges, and prospects of sustainable tourism and hospitality development in Lanao del Sur, which can be used by the local governing bodies of the province to formulate an effective, sustainable tourism development plan. This study used a descriptive-exploratory approach in presenting, interpreting, and analyzing the gathered data. As such, the researchers sought the views and insights of local tourism officers or administrators as respondents of this study. After a thorough exploration of the needed facts and data in this paper, this study concluded that there are varying factors for sustainable tourism and hospitality development in the Province of Lanao del Sur, in terms of accommodation, accessibility, activities, and amenities sectors. Nonetheless, despite these existing factors, there are still challenges faced by the respondents that range from economic, socio-cultural, and environmental challenges. Finally, the study also found that given the existing factors and challenges of sustainable tourism and hospitality development in Lanao del Sur, there were some prospective recommendations of the respondents to the Local Government Units toward the sustainable growth and development of the industry in the locale.

KEYWORDS: Tourism, Hospitality, Factors, Challenges, Prospects, Sustainable Development.

Paper Title : Spending Patterns and Perceptions: Malaysian Citizens' Views on the High Cost of Living

Noorazlina Ahmad

Faculty of Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM Terengganu Branch, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia
Abstract :

Urban Malaysia has a higher cost of living than rural Malaysia. Lower-income people struggle to meet basic requirements like food, housing, medical care, and education due to rising costs. As the cost of living rises, people may struggle to manage their finances and fall into poverty. The objective of this study is to measure the perceptions of Malaysian individuals on the escalating expense of living particularly for lower income group (B40), middle income group (M40) and higher income group (T20). The study employed a descriptive research approach, with a sample size of 231 homes from various regions in Malaysia serving as the respondents. The data were obtained using a standardized questionnaire (involved the application of tables and percentages) and further analysis will use Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) to analyse the relationship between variables. The results indicate that a majority of respondents, specifically 53.3 percent, perceive Malaysia's high cost of living as a significant burden. The escalating cost of living can be attributed to multiple factors, which can be deduced from the lens of increased price levels, diminished income, and patterns of household consumption expenditure. The data holds significant value in the context of doing future study aimed at developing a strategic program focused on poverty reduction and enhancing the overall standard of living. In general, an escalation in the expenses associated with daily life can have a range of adverse consequences for individuals, households, and societal groups. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the fundamental factors contributing to the escalation of expenses and enact strategies and initiatives that alleviate the strain on individuals who would bear the greatest consequences.


Anne Fatimah G. Latip-Mangondato

Mindanao State University
Abstract :

The municipality of Balindong, Lanao del Sur, has been getting recognition as a tourist destination in the Southern Philippines as it started establishing and promoting tourist attractions in the area. This study was conducted to determine the attitude of its residents towards sustainable tourism development and its relationship with the demographic profile of the residents, current status, and impacts of sustainable tourism. The study used the quantitative research design and was participated by the Municipality of Balindong tourism-related business owners, LGU staff, and students. The findings of the study showed that there is a positive response from the residents of the municipality of Balindong regarding sustainable tourism development. Furthermore, the study showed that there is a significant relationship between the demographic variables, educational attainment, and occupation and this suggests that residents of Balindong who are educated and have occupations are more likely to hold diverse perspectives than those who are not. It also revealed that there is also a significant relationship between the current status and impacts of sustainable tourism development and the residents’ attitude towards sustainable tourism development at the municipality of Balindong.

Paper Title : A Biblometrics Study on Electronic PhD Theses and Dissertations of the Faculty of Law in INFLIBNET Shodhganga Repository

Dr. Sachin S.Suryawanshi

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, Pune
Abstract :

The objective of this study is to examine the availability and legibility of Law Faculty PhD program theses uploaded on the Shodhganga repository. For this study, Data was retrieved from Shodhganga ETD Repository and Google Scholar. One hundred and forty nine Indian universities have deposited 3441 PhD theses in Shodhganga Repository till December 2021. Punjab University has uploaded the maximum number of PhD theses on Shodhganga and Kuvempu University has the maximum number of citations.

Keywords: Bibliometric, INFLIBNET, Institutional Repository, Law Research, Shodhganga.


Nila Aisatul Khusna

English Language Education Department, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia
Abstract :

Critical reading is considered as the high level of reading skill for undergraduate students to master. To succeed, several reading strategies should be implemented during reading to overcome reading problems. This study was intended to explore EFL students’ reading strategies and problems in critical reading. Qualitative research design was used to obtain the data by employing interview and questionnaire. To find out students’ reading strategies, the questionnaire adapted from Mokhtari & Sheorey about Survey of Reading Strategies (SORS) was used. The questionnaire divided into 3 categories: global reading strategies (GLOB), problem solving strategies (PROB) and support reading strategies (SUP). To discover students’ problems encountered during critical reading, semi-structured interview was done to obtain the relevant data. The participants involved were 20 undergraduate students majoring on English Language Department who have taken Reading Comprehension course. The result showed that the majority of students used problem solving reading strategies (PROB) with the percentage (73.7%) during reading. The result of reading problems yielded related to linguistic aspect on text and students’ anxiety during reading. It can be concluded that reading strategies assist students to comprehend texts as well as overcoming reading difficulties. Further research should implement other reading strategies for undergraduate students in order to elicit reading problems resulted as to improve critical reading ability.

Index Terms : Reading Strategies, Reading Problems, Critical Reading, Undergraduate Students.

Paper Title : The Creation of a Digital Game to Teach Basic KYC Practices in a Microfinance Setting

Benedict Lorenzo L. Tamayo

Ateneo de Manila University
Abstract :

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the financial industry are required to practice caution when choosing which customers to approve. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a set of standards that ensure client authenticity through the collection and assessment of any information necessary to validate their identities and financial backgrounds. This study aims to develop a serious game for KYC training that simulates the process of customer verification and risk assessment within the financial lending industry on a conceptual level. 20 participants were divided into four groups (Video, Game, Hybrid, Supervisors) and evaluated to see if the game was in any way effective in helping its players learn about the conceptual skills needed in KYC. The results showed a significant improvement in knowledge among those that played the game with only a slight increase in improvement for those who watched a video presentation alongside it. It is recommended that future studies be conducted with those outside the microfinance industry and that further builds of the game be improved upon to make it more accurate and accessible to those who are not familiar with video games in general as it would be beneficial to cater to those that wish to try games as a learning experience.

Paper Title : Investing Though Children: An Analysis of How Capitalism is Practiced in Traditional Javanese Families with Regard to Children's Educational Patterns

Laillia Dhiah Indriani,

University/Organization: Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
Abstract :

Capitalism is present in various aspects of human life, one of which is through the family. The family plays a large role in the legitimization of capitalism from generation to generation. This is done through children's education patterns. One of the traditions of family capitalism is the traditional Javanese family, which provides advice on child ownership and how to educate them. Unfortunately, this ownership of children then slowly leads to capitalist practices in the form of exploitation and investment. This research aims to reveal how investment practices with children and the education patterns carried out by parents to create children who meet "standards" operate in traditional Javanese families. It doesn't just stop there, this research will also look at how children struggle to abstract from the hegemony that occurs in the family. The concept that will be used to conduct this research is schizoanalysis, from Gills Deleuze and Felix Guattari. The results of this research show that family capitalism is still being passed down from the sandwich generation to their children. These ideas of family capitalism are passed down from generation to generation through the parenting and education of children. Generally, those who inherit this family capitalism come from the lower middle class, who live in the suburbs and have not experienced much social change and modernization. Children who feel dominated by the capitalist system then use their knowledge and courage to deterritorialize the system in their family.

Keywords : Capitalism, Javanese Traditional Family, Schizoanalysis

Paper Title : The Relationship Between Risk Management and the Success of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises in Riyadh city

Ahlam Alotaibi

Senior level business, University lecturer
Abstract :

Small and medium enterprises are often regarded as the foundation of economic and social development in developing nations, and there is no doubt that these initiatives face numerous economic, financial, and administrative risks. However the most significant of which are financial risks. To confront these financial risks must follow carefully considered strategies so that they can be developed and growth. To do so, it must have competent management that is focused on controlling various environmental risks in general and financial risks in particular. The objective of this paper is to discuss the role of financial risk management in the success of small and medium-sized enterprises in Riyadh . Finding a link between financial risks and their beneficial effects on small and medium-sized businesses' growth in Riyadh is the research problem. The paper seeks to comprehend this relationship In order to offer advice and risk-management solutions through a comprehensive literature review . The research also concentrated on the dimensions of financial risks represented by the following: -1- Inadequate financial liquidity.2- Inadequate treasury management .3- Inadequate financial planning.4- The risk of failing to repay loans and debts. The findings of the study will help to raise awareness of the importance of financial risk management in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as provide project owners with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve success and sustainable growth in Riyadh. In addition this paper will present and highlight the most important financial risks that small and medium enterprises will face when they begin, how to avoid these risks, and how to monitor and follow up on these risks for small and medium enterprises when carrying out their activities in order to improve the financial situation of small and medium enterprises in the city of Riyadh. The paper will also give ideas to assist small and medium-sized businesses in dealing with financial risks in order to stabilize and improve their performance and financial status in order to meet project objectives.

Index Terms: Risk management, Small and medium-sized enterprises, Weak financial liquidity, Poor cash flow management, Weak financial planning, Risk of non-repayment of loans and debts

Paper Title : Improving the control and evaluation of educational achievements of students in the digital world

Darazha Issabayeva

Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Abstract :

The purpose of the study is to review various types of assessment projects for the development of a person in social or future professional activities in the digital world, taking into account the balance between cognitive loading and unloading. The article deals with the issues of cognitive loading and un-loading when organizing such exams in the digital environment as Testing, Open Book, Closed Book (written), Practical (practical work + oral defense), Project (project work + oral defense), Oral exams, as well as combined and creative exams. To determine the preference for the type of exam, a survey was conducted with the participation of 2287 university students in Kazakhstan. According to the results of the survey, the students are more successful in learning the material when they are given the opportunity to think about their answer and express it in writing or show practical skills (the choice of written exams, including those with an open book, project and practical exams). Thus, exams using cognitive unloading are preferred among student responses. The study revealed problems in assessment: misunderstanding on the part of teachers, how to correctly formulate learning outcomes; lack of a common understanding of the use of the assessment means; formal examination of the task; lack of methodological recommendations for assessing learning outcomes. When preparing tasks, teachers should take into account the cognitive loading on students, if necessary, offer cognitive unloading.

Index Terms: assessment, cognitive loading, cognitive unloading, exam, information technology.

Paper Title : Javanese Speaking Skills of Grade IV Elementary School through Role Play Method with Storytelling Media

Ulfa Khoirotul Rosidah

Yogyakarta State University,
Abstract :

This study aims to improve the Javanese speaking skills of fourth grade students of SD Negeri 2 Saradan, Baturetno, Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia through role-playing learning method with storytelling media. The type of research is class action research. The subjects in the study were fourth grade students of SD Negeri 2 Saradan which amounted to 8 students, 3 male students and 5 female students. The object of the research includes Javanese speaking skills. The research design used is the Kemmis and Mc. Taggart model. The research was conducted in two cycles with each cycle consisting of four stages (Planning, Implementation, Observation, and Reflection). Data collection techniques were observation, field notes, and students' Javanese speaking performance assessment. Data analysis techniques used descriptive quantitative and descriptive qualitative. The results showed that the application of the role-playing learning method with storytelling media can improve the Javanese speaking skills of fourth grade students of SD Negeri 2 Saradan Baturetno as evidenced by the improvement in the results of the pre-cycle, cycle I, and cycle II speaking performance assessments. The average value of the pre-cycle speaking performance assessment results of 53.25 with a percentage of student completeness of 0% increased to 62.63 with a percentage of completeness of 37.5% in cycle I. In cycle II with improvements in cycle I, the average student score was 78.88 with a percentage of 100% completeness.

Index Terms: Javanese speaking skills, role play, storytelling.

Paper Title : Immpact Of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Assisted With Scratch Media, Improving Mathematical Logical Thinking Ability Students In Primary School

Herra Aprillia Sabrina

Yogyakarta State University
Abstract :

The STEM approach has a role that can be influential in the maintenance of education as it can integrate subjects with the use of technology. Through the STEM approach the presentation of the learning process can be packaged in an interesting way and is expected to arouse the motivation as well as the ability of students to think mathematically logically. The research focuses on the use of STEM approaches to mathematical learning assisted with Scratch media to improve students' ability to think mathematically logically. This research is aimed at finding out the effectiveness of the application of STEM learning in primary schools. The method used is a quasi-experimental non-equivalent design research method. The participants in this study were 47 primary school students who were in Karawang, West Java. In the study, tests were conducted in the form of pre-test and post-test to collect data on the effectiveness of the learning process performed using the STEM approach. Test measurements in this study using indicators of mathematical logical thinking capabilities include: 1) Giving logical answers; 2) Integrating understood concepts with facts; 3) Thinking critically in search of logical-based responses; 4) Integrating mathematics problems rationally; 5) Logically concluding answers. The results showed that there was an improvement in the ability to think mathematically logically in students who gained learning with the STEM supported media application scratch as well as there was the influence of learning using the Scratch supported STEM approach on the improvement of the students' mathematical logical thinking ability.

Paper Title : Campus Grid Deployment with Automation

Okta Nurika

Green Education Centre, Faculty of Computing and Meta-Technology, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Abstract :

Campus grid is a feasible deployment of grid computing since campus environment is equally controlled and the managerial permission is simpler than any other industries. The usability of grid computing is also potentially high, because of the numerous demands from students or researchers in need of high-end computational power and data storage. However, automated efficient way of campus grid platform deployment has never been disclosed, therefore we propose a methodology to deploy a campus grid with automation based on the desktop-grid architecture. Some related issues and challenges that are currently being addressed, with improvements further to be explored, are presented in this paper. Large scale campus grid deployment in this campus involving multiple computer labs and hundreds of computers in total was accomplished, by combining both automation scripts and manual intervention. The chosen campus grid software system is Berkeley Open Infra-structure for Network Computing (BOINC). This practice is expected to guide future BOINC campus grid administrators to establish a working grid computing system, in order to provide grid-based computing and storage resources for running especially heavy simulation programs.

Index Terms: AutoIt, BASIC script, BOINC, Campus Grid, Centralized Software Deployment, EMCO, Malaysian Grid.

Paper Title : Students Self-Efficacy in Solving Geometric Problems: Case Study in Private Junior High School in Malang City


Universitas Negeri Surabaya,
Abstract :

This research aims to describe junior high school students' self-efficacy in solving geometry problems. Instruments include the Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (SEQ) and the Geometry Problem Solving Test (GPST). The research instrument has been validated by three senior lecturers with doctoral degrees in mathematics education. The readability test was carried out by two mathematics teachers and two students from State Junior High School in Surabaya, purposively selected 9th grades of Junior High School Muhammadiyah 4 Malang City, consisting of 6 boys students and 3 girls students who were divided into low subject, medium subject, and high subject groups. The research results showed that low subjects were only capable at the analysis stage, but not at the exploration, planning, implementation, and verification stages. Medium subject is capable at the analysis and exploration stage, but not at the implementation and verification stage. High subjects are capable of all problem-solving indicators. Each subject has different self-efficacy, as well as geometry abilities. It is recommended that future researchers develop and test other subjects according to the education level of junior high school students.

Keywords: Self-Efficacy, Students, Solving Geometry Problems.



Assistant Chief Nurse for Clinical Practice,General Santos Doctors Hospital, Inc
Abstract :

Novice nurse is one with limited work experience who may never have faced real-life problematic situations and their transition process experienced is associated with feelings of confusion, uncertainty, and stress. The study aims to determine the clinical competence and transition experiences of novice nurses. This research utilized both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. In this study, thirty (30) new nurses in General Santos Doctors Hospital were purposively sampled that answered the modified “Clinical Competency Questionnaire” then six (6) were randomly selected to participate in the focused-group discussion. The results of the study revealed that novice nurses were satisfactorily competent in terms of delivering safe and quality care, communication, collaboration and teamwork, ethico-legal-moral responsibilities, and management of resources and environment. More so, there were five themes emerged after the focused group discussion that described their transition experiences: (1) Difficult and Challenging, (2) Striving and Thriving, (3) Acceptance and Adjustment, (4) Tolerance and Receptiveness, and (5) Fulfilling and Rewarding. The study findings concluded that novice nurses possessed satisfactorily competence which signified low level of confidence in performing various nursing jobs and their transition experiences also implied weakness to perform their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, it would be essential to create a transition to practice program to provide support strategy for novice nurses to transition effectively and a leader-preceptor transitioning would be needed for nurse leaders and managers to provide the necessary skills to preceptor new nurses and be physically and psychologically prepared and equipped for the role.

Keywords: Novice nurse, clinical competence, transition experiences, transition to practice program, leader-preceptor transitioning

Paper Title : Positioning of Female Actors in Cases of Alleged Harassment in News Portals Online and (Theo Van Leeuwen's Critical Discourse Analysis Approach)

Friska Amalia

Gadjah Mada University
Abstract :

The aim of this research is to identify the positioning of female actors on local news portals and In addition, researchers also investigate the ideology contained in the two media. This study used a descriptive qualitative method. The data collection technique is through note-taking techniques. The analytical approach used is a critical approach, namely focusing on dismantling the hidden aspects behind a visible reality so that criticism and changes are made to a social structure. For this reason, the critical discourse analysis framework of Theo Van Leeuwen is used. The results of this study indicate that tends to marginalize the position of female actors in its editorial. This is found through the inclusion model, namely the discourse strategy to display something, a person, or a group in the text. The inclusion contained is the nominations, and the nominations and the exclusion model are passivation where the actor (perpetrator) is not presented in the text. Meanwhile, tends to be neutral and upholds caution in publishing its news editorial. It is known from the results of the analysis through the inclusion model that news contains more nominations and abstractions. Thus, the position of female actors is not marginalized.

Paper Title : Language Kinship Relationship of Javanese and Wolio Languages (A Comparative Historical Linguistic Study)

Dewi Herlina

Department of Linguistics, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
Abstract :

This research aims to describe phonemic correspondences, genetic relationships, and indicate the time of language divergence between Javanese and Wolio languages. The theory used in this research is the Comparative Historical Linguistics (CHL) theory. The data used in the research consist of 200 basic Swadesh vocabularies items. The data in this research were obtained from informants in the form of transcribed interviews. The data are analyzed using lexicostatistics and glottochronology methods. The results show that the percentage of genetic relationships between Javanese and Wolio languages is 18%. Out of 200 basic vocabularies items, there are 34 cognate pairs, 164 non-cognate pairs, and 2 uncounted pairs. Based on lexicostatistical and glottochronological calculations, Javanese and Wolio languages diverged as separate languages approximately 4,316 to 3,814 years ago. Javanese and Wolio languages belong to the same language family at a subgroup level.

Keywords: historical relationship, Javanese, Wolio languages

Paper Title : Elevating Visual Interaction: Exploring GAN-XGBOOST Integration in Augmented Reality for Advanced Information Communication

Zaheer sultana

Banasthali vidyapith
Abstract :

Augmented Reality (AR) integration enhances information communication by overlaying digital content onto the real-world environment, providing users with a seamless and interactive experience. This advanced technology allows for the integration of real-time data, 3D models, and contextual information, fostering a more immersive and engaging interaction between users and their surroundings. In the realm of augmented reality (AR), this research pioneers a novel integration of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and XGBoost, presenting a groundbreaking approach to enhance visual interaction and information communication. By synergizing the generative capabilities of GANs with the predictive power of XGBoost, our proposed framework empowers AR applications to dynamically generate and adapt visual content in real-time, significantly improving user engagement and experience. The novelty of our work lies in the seamless fusion of GANs and XGBoost, creating a symbiotic relationship that not only refines the realism of generated content but also optimizes its relevance based on user context. e model achieves a remarkable accuracy of 99%, indicating its overall correctness in classifying visual and informational elements. This integration enables AR systems to intelligently respond to user interactions, providing a personalized and immersive experience. The significance of our research extends to various domains, including education, gaming, and professional training, where effective information communication is paramount.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, GAN, XGBoost, Visual Interaction, Information Communication, Real-time Generation.

Paper Title : Deduplication Methods Using Levenshtein Distance Algorithm

Dr. Eugene

Tarlac Agricultural University
Abstract :

The study aimed to propose methods to improve the data integrity of the Relational databases such as MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL via record duplication detection. The FODORS and ZAGAT Restaurant database benchmark datasets have been utilized to facilitate the processes involved in preparing and delivering high-quality data. Furthermore, the Levenshtein distance algorithm was used to propose three (3) methods namely: default, eliminating equal string, and knowledge-based libraries to cut duplicate records in the database. In the 70% selected threshold, the average detected duplicate records of 88 out of 112 records in the restaurant dataset. Finally, to efficiently detect duplicate records in the database, depend on the data being analyzed and threshold selected.

Index Terms data, efficiency, information, quality, record

Paper Title : Research on using game teaching aids to train visually impaired preschool children’s oriented actions

Ching-Yi Wang, Yu-Kuei Chen

Asia University
Abstract :

Oriented mobility skills are an important key to the development of visually impaired children in various fields. They must be learned from early childhood to establish a foundation for the future. Each visually impaired child has different physical and mental disabilities and different mobility needs, which makes the supply of such teaching aids to assist walking scarce or even incomplete. This study designs "game teaching aids" for directional action teaching and training. Therefore, this study cooperated with Taichung Huiming School for the Blind and took two visually impaired children aged five to six in the kindergarten department of the school as the research subjects. The experiment requires each child to undergo a "preschool oriented mobility assessment" to discover their mobility problems and usage needs, and to establish the needs and design criteria for oriented mobility teaching aids. Then, use game teaching aids to train and guide the directional actions of visually impaired children to evaluate their acceptance and helpfulness of their own actions. The results of this study can provide reference for the design of teaching aids for blind schools in training visually impaired preschool children in mobility and mobility.

Paper Title : The associations of color adjectives and color preferences among children aged 9 to 12

Ching-Yi Wang, Chun-Shan Tung,

Asia University
Abstract :

The current literature lacks information on how children associate colors with their content. This study investigated children’s personal color preferences to explain their associations with color adjectives. The experiment was divided into two stages: (1) color association vocabulary collection and (2) investigation of color adjectives and color preferences. Five elementary school teachers and thirty children aged 9-12 separately participated at these stages. The results of this study found that: (1) the number of abstract words extracted was 227, (2) preference affects the association of adjectives in color, (3) cultural differences affect the perception of color, and (4) difference of the preference color in gender. In the future, the color association caused by media changes may change from time to time. The results of this research can help children use color in learning.

Paper Title : Children's aesthetic education development and cognitive differences

Ching-Yi Wang, Chun-Shan Tung,

Asia University
Abstract :

Nowadays, Taiwan's social living standards have improved, and parents are paying more and more attention to their children's aesthetic and art education. This study used a questionnaire to investigate the learning factors and expectations of parents and children regarding aesthetics education. There are three findings in this study: (1) parents and children have a common awareness of aesthetic education and both learn based on interest; (2) children are worried and afraid if their parents feel that their learning results are not good; (3) Children are more obedient to their mothers when they are studying. The results of this study understand the importance of beauty in education and allow parents and children to understand the differences in aesthetic cognition.

Paper Title : The Influence of Product Innovation and Marketing Performance to Maintain Market Leader Position as a Result of an Empirical Study at PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk

Kevin Christanto

Management Study Program,Binus Business School Bina Nusantara University,Jakarta, Indonesia
Abstract :

Telkom Indonesia is a holding company that provides telecommunication services. Telkom leads the telecommunication market in Indonesia with their strong product portfolio of mobile services, fixed broadband internet and telecommunications. However, to become a market leader in the industry, Telkom has to come up with innovation and effective marketing strategies. This study aims to establish the impact of product innovation and marketing performance towards maintaining market leader position in the industry. To evaluate the influence, a quantitative methodology was implemented. The questionnaire was distributed to the public through social media. IBM SPSS Statistics 26 was used to assess the 400 responses that we collected. The result shows that both product innovation and marketing performance have a significant influence on sustaining the market leader position. This study provides enhanced clarity in understanding the factors that influenced Telkom's position as a market leader.

Keywords Telecommunication, Telkom, Product Innovation, Marketing Performance, Market Leader.

Paper Title : Development of a Virtual Reality-based Forehand Smash Training Model for Table Tennis Athletes

Novita Wulandari

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Abstract :

Background: This research background is based on the crucial assumption that skills acquired through virtual reality (VR) based forehand training can be effectively applied in real life. Although, research that specifically tests the validity of these assumptions is still limited to specific applications. This research is expected to provide new insights and enrich our understanding of the effectiveness of using VR to improve forehand skills in young table tennis athletes.
Objective: The aim of this research is to design and develop a model of forehand training in table tennis sports using VR technology specifically for athletes aged 13-17. The model consists of four components aimed at improving motivation, concentration, hand movement techniques, waist rotation, and standing position.
Research Design: Performance in VR-based forehand training is assessed using mixed model variation analysis. This analysis involves inter-subject factors (VR training group vs control group) and intra-subjects’ factors. This method of research involved 60 participants, who were subsequently divided into VR training groups (n = 30) and non-training control groups (n = 30). During the VR training session, participants engaged in a competitive table tennis game against players based on artificial intelligence. An expert table tennis trainer evaluates the performance of participants in table tennis materially before and after the training phase. Without knowing the participant's training group, the expert trainer assessed the participants' forehand in terms of the quantitative aspects (number of rallies without error) and the quality of the skill aspects.
Results: The application of a VR-based forehand training model significantly improved the performance of table tennis athletes compared to the non-VR-based control group, both in terms of quantitative assessment (p < 0,001, Cohen s d=1,08) and skill quality evaluation (p < 0,001; Cohen’s d=1,10). Conclusion: The implementation of the VR based forehands training model improved significantly table tennis performance compared with the control group without VR- based forehand training. There was a significant improvement in both quantitation assessment and skills quality assessment.

Keywords training models, table tennis, smash forehand, virtual reality

Paper Title : Exploratory Study of Concurrent Engineering Dimensions on Supply Chain Performance

Manish Gupta

Motilal National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Abstract :

Supply Chain Performance refers to the actions of an extended supply chain in meeting the ultimate customer’s requirements, including on-time delivery, and product availability all the needed volume and inventory in the supply chain to deliver that performance in a responsive way. Define concurrent engineering as the tool in the form of techniques, expertise software, and algorithms and production sequence and, judgment of people who make up the complete design to achieve their business objective. multiple emerging companies have its focus on the supply chain’s value in addition to quality, time, quantity and cost. A survey has been done in Indian organizations to identify the greatest influencing impact of concurrent engineering dimensions in the Indian scenario. Numerous hypotheses were introduced to evaluate the effect of these selected concurrent engineering dimensions on supply chain performance and hierarchical regression has been done for their validation. Finally, the proposed relationship dimensions are revealed by the result: Development time, Manufacturing time, Manufacturing cost, and Quality are correlated to Time, Product cost, Quantity, and Quality which therefore positively affects Supply Chain Performance.

Keywords Supply Chain Performance, Concurrent engineering, dimensions of SCP


May Diana Rahmania

Bangkok University , Bangkok University
Abstract :

This study investigates the effect of market orientation, innovation, and entrepreneurial orientation to the competitive advantage of coffee shops in Indonesia. The study adopted qualitative and quantitative approaches, utilizing a questionnaire and in-depth interviews to collect the data. The sample is 200 business owners/ CEOs/managers of coffee shops in Indonesia who have run the business for two years or more. The researcher interviewed respondents who are three business owners/ managers who have a coffee shop that is unique from their competitors. The quantitative data is analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis, and the qualitative data is analyzed using deductive analysis. The findings of the study revealed that market orientation, innovation, and entrepreneurial orientation have a positive and significant effect on the competitive advantage of coffee shops in Indonesia. The most important factor that influences the competitive advantage is entrepreneurial orientation, followed by innovation and market orientation. To gain a competitive advantage, the coffee shop owners/managers must be proactive in regularly evaluating the coffee shop's market position and revenue compared to the competitors and organizing events/ social programs. To be distinct from the competitors, the coffee shops must have signature food or drinks or give a unique name/presentation of the product, or have more variety of menu options, e.g., vegan, healthy, caffeine-free, and dairy-free alternatives. To meet the customer’s wants and needs, the coffee shop has to provide high-quality coffee products, offer a variety of flavor options, and create a comfortable place.

Keywords Market Orientation, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Competitive Advantage, Coffee Shop

Paper Title : Numerical Analysis of Electro-Chemical Grinding Process

Harshita Ambesh

Department of Mechanical Engineering, MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India
Abstract :

The Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) process is well-suited for fabricating electrically conductive materials that are difficult to cut. However, its further utilization is limited by the formation of an oxide layer and high specific energy consumption. To address these drawbacks, Electro-Chemical Grinding (ECG), a method combining ECM and mechanical grinding, was developed. It offers several advantages over conventional grinding. In the case of a slotted grinding wheel, the number of momentarily engaging cutting edges is reduced, minimizing rubbing and plowing actions. Consequently, specific grinding energy decreases, and the uncut chip thickness of each active grain increases. This paper proposes a model for the Material Removal Rate (MRR) in ECG using a slotted grinding wheel. The MRRabrasion and MRRECM are separately modeled to derive the MRRTotal. Results show that higher wheel speeds lead to increased MRRabrasion, and thicker wheels contribute to higher total MRR as both MRRabrasion and MRRECM increase.

Keywords Electrochemical grinding, conventional grinding wheel, slotted grinding wheel, MRR.

Paper Title : Adopting Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning to develop an Augmented Reality learning kit in Topic of Gravitation in Physics High School

Siti Nurqualbiah Mat Karim

National University of Malaysia
Abstract :

Abstract concept which has been believed to be one of the problems in physics. This paper proposed an integration of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning to develop a learning kit based on augmented reality. Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning is believed to guide researchers to develop a meaningful learning kit to help students increase their knowledge in Gravitation. The five principles involved in this theory are Coherence Principle, Signalling Principle, Redundancy Principle, Spatial Contiguity Principle and Temporal Contiguity Principle. Many technologies have been used in producing better learning environment.
The study involves 15 students in a high school.The instruments used in this study are Pre test, Post test and Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test. Findings show there was increase in scores after the implementation. The inferential analysis of non -parametric test Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test also being done after the implementation of the AR learning kit. The study shows there are significant differences between the mean of the Pre Test scores and the Post Test scores in Gravitation Test (z = -3.411, p=0.001). The results show that AR learning kit have a significant difference in the scores of Pre and Post test of the students in topic Gravitation by integrating the CTML theory.

Paper Title : Local Characteristics in Contemporary Malaysian Art Creation

Wang Xi,

Collegel of Creative Art in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia
Abstract :

Contemporary art in Malaysia is a visual representation of Malaysian culture, and its artistic style and characteristics have been formed with the development of Malaysia, presenting a multicultural characteristic. Exploring the local characteristics of contemporary art creation in Malaysia is an important dimension for observing and understanding the spirit of Malaysian culture. This study is based on the contemporary art environment, using cultural symbol analysis methods and style analysis methods to analyze the artistic works of Malaysian contemporary artists from three aspects: theme, style, and characteristics. From the perspective of cultural semiotics, Malaysian contemporary art is expressed and summarized in the main three symbol series, discovering and summarizing the local cultural accumulation, the initiative of Malaysian artists, and Islamic culture The promotion of the art market has profound significance for the localization construction process of contemporary art creation in Malaysia, and provides some inspiration for current art creation.

Keywords Malaysian contemporary art, artistic identity, local art, diverse exploration

Paper Title : Effect of Loan-loss Provisions on Loan Growth of Selected Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Dr. Quazi Sagota Samina

Assistant Professor,Department of Business Administration East West University, Bangladesh
Abstract :

Non-performing loans (NPLs) exacerbate banks’ overall profitability and it becomes a matter of concern for the banking sector. Under the guidance of BASEL III, banks maintain loan loss provisions as a cushion to adapt to the expected loss resulted from NPLs. However, this provision blocks banks’ fund for lending purpose and thus creates a hindrance in earnings. The current study focuses on this issue and examines whether the protection in the form of loan loss provision makes any impact on the loan portfolio of banks.

Paper Title : Industrial Based Learning for Improving Problem Solving Skill for Technical and Engineering Workforce Labour

C Alongkrontuksin

Department of Teacher Training in Mechanical Engineering,Bangkok, Thailand
Abstract :

The objectives of this research were to develop the industrial based learning for improving problem solving skill for technical and engineering workforce labour. Starting from creation of industrial based learning (IBL) that integrated CIPP model which consist of context evaluation, input evaluation, process evaluation and product evaluation, identification of problem solving skill, creation of research tools, identification of population and sample, implementation of industrial based learning for improving problem solving skill for technical and engineering workforce labour that was designed with Phradabos’s students who study in the project course I and II and TM-FTE-MUTNB’s students who study in the seminar and project course I and II, and then collect data, analysis and conclusion. The result found that the efficiency of problem based learning in project course was 84.24/80.20 and 91.38/85.21 that were above 80/80 established criteria, the advanced abilities after learning of students who learned from problem based learning in project course increased more than before learning, a knowledge and abilities of students were improved, the problem solving skill (PSS) of students passing the project course I and II which is higher than the previous time. Phradabos’s students had average problem solving skill at Level 2 and TM-FTE-KMUTNB’s students had problem solving skill at Level 3 which can meet industrial requirements.

Paper Title : In-Class Flip Model for Mathayom 1 Students in Laboratory Science of the English Program at TriamUdomsuksa Pattanakarn School

Alon Aldrian T. Mayormita

Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn School
Abstract :

The study delves into the intricacies of teaching laboratory science in Thai government schools, grappling with issues like large class sizes and students' low English proficiency. In response, the researcher embraced the In-Class Flip Model, a modification of the Flipped Classroom, wherein students watch recorded videos in class. This adjustment enables teachers to regulate video access, fostering immediate interaction for query resolution. The preference for the In-Class Flip Model in Thailand is justified due to its enhanced support and monitoring capabilities compared to the Flipped Classroom. Conducted at Triamudomsuksapattanakarn School, the research evaluates the model's efficacy by comparing student achievements in laboratory science classes with and without its implementation. Methodologies encompass experimental research with two groups, one utilizing the In-Class Flip Model and the other not. The study scrutinizes socio-demographic profiles, correlations between gender/age and achievements, and pre/post-test outcomes. Findings underscore a noteworthy upswing in student achievements with the In-Class Flip Model, affirming the study's hypothesis. In summary, the In-Class Flip Model emerges as a potent tool for enhancing student achievements in laboratory science, particularly in Thailand's government schools. The study recommends its adoption as an intervention program, contributing valuable insights to the discourse on overcoming challenges in science education within Southeast Asia

Paper Title : Paulo Freire's Dialogical Approach in the Implementation of the Kampung KB Bintaran, Yogyakarta City

Rita Nur Wahyuni

Yogyakarta State University
Abstract :

Kampung KB Bintaran is located in Wirogunan Village, Mergangsan District, Yogyakarta City, DI Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The Indonesian Government launched Kampung KB to create quality small families. The Kampung KB has experienced quite significant growth, especially in the success of the KKBPK program, Nawa Cita Indonesia, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030. The success of the Kampung KB program is reflected in several aspects. First, control the population; second, improve the quality of the population as measured by increasing resilience and prosperity by implementing the eight family functions. The Kampung KB Program leads to community empowerment. This program adheres to a top-down system from the central government, City Government, and BKKBN. In general, top-down system empowerment in program implementation comes from the government or institutions to the community. However, the implementation of the program in Kampung KB Bintaran does not entirely come from the government. There are several activities implemented as a result of community dialogue so that the community feels appreciated, respected, and heard. This research aims to describe Paulo Freire's dialogical approach between companions and the community in implementing the Kampung KB program. The method used in this research is an empirical study by interviewing residents and PKB in Kampung KB Bintaran. The research results state that Paulo Freire's dialogical approach is implemented through humility, hope, faith, love, and critical thinking. The dialogic approach occurs in several activities, namely the monthly POKTAN cadre coordination meeting which produces program proposals from the community and consultation services by PKB for every resident in Kampung KB Bintaran.

Keywords Dialogical Approach, Paulo Freire, Kampung KB Bintaran Program

Paper Title : Intelligent Resource Effect on Current Education System

Rashika Tiwari , Rachit Tiwari

Geetanjali Olympiad School, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru, India
Abstract :

The system's advancements all transpired in step with time, giving kids the finest opportunity to learn at home. There were some obstacles in the way, but they were all overcome with great zeal to provide instruction at that crucial moment. All of these initiatives are beneficial in ensuring that every child has access to quality education. An innovative educational model can enhance the effect of education on individual life for economic benefits and better life quality with the help of digital technology. A multi stakeholders’ partnership will definitely help to achieve this goal globally.
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant opportunity to modernize the entire system, with a greater emphasis on digital technology to maintain learning continuity, cross geographic divides, and disseminate the best practices now accessible. Rather than focusing on teaching children, the entire education system has to be knowledge-centric. Therefore, our next goal is to increase the knowledge of the generations to come rather than their level of education. Many instruments for skill development have been made available by the intelligent education system to help each person to reach their full potential. Every child's confidence will undoubtedly increase as a result of this. There are many opportunities in the world today, and with the help of our technologically advanced system, we can make all the data publicly available so that people may make better decisions for their own futures.

Acquiring information is education's ultimate goal. Getting knowledge depends on several aspects, such as,

  • Resources
  • Good mentorship
  • Dedication
  • Perseverance

All these factors are directly or indirectly contribute to success of a person.

Keywords digital technology, partnership, education system, skill development.

Paper Title : Modeling the Instructional Design of an Open Educational Resources for the Arts and Design Track of Mapúa University

Duztine Clyde E. Delos Angeles,

Mapúa University
Abstract :

In the realm of education, Open Educational Resources (OER) have garnered considerable attention as a prospective permanent solution for enhancing access, quality, and affordability of digital learning materials. (UNESCO, 2020) In the Philippines, there is only one recognized OER developed by the Philippine Department of Education called DepEd Commons. There are existing general guidelines on OER content usage. However, without specific criteria, there will be challenges in its accuracy, alignment, and appropriateness that are linked to the intended learners. This research focuses on the Arts and Design track with 100 student respondents from Mapúa University Senior High School based in the Philippines. Using a comparative thematic analysis, importance, and effectiveness survey, the primary objective is to formulate a model for OER instructional design tailored to this track's specific instructional needs. The comparative thematic analysis benchmarked DepEd commons and the top three OER platforms ranked by The thematic coding postulated User Interface and User Experience elements, generating three content guidelines. Organized content covering visual appeal and content presentation; Accessibility content ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to diverse learners; and interactive content emphasizing gamification and collaborative creativity. Grounded by the connectivity theory, the relationship of its content guidelines with the respondents' instructional needs established a model envisioned to enrich the track and their learning experience. This concluded that collaborative and dynamic learning cultivates a commitment to lifelong learning, particularly emphasizing the arts, design, and new media.

Paper Title : Deep Learning-Based Cancer Classification from DNA Sequences:Prediction using End-to-End Neural Networks without feature selection (DRAFT)

Mythreya Hardur

PES University
Abstract :

In this study, we investigate the application of deep learning models for cancer classification based on DNA sequences, eliminating the need for feature selection. Our ex-ploration encompasses five distinct models: a hybrid CNN-RNN, LSTM, biLSTM, k-NN, and k-NN with PCA. The evalu-ation centers on their efficacy in accurately predicting cancer from DNA samples, emphasizing the potential of end-to-end neural networks in genomics-based medical applications. Our methodology involves a meticulous assessment of each model’s performance, focusing on their unique architectural nuances. Importantly, we scrutinize practical implications, considering factors such as model interpretability, computational efficiency, and generalization capabilities. The findings contribute to ad-vancing our understanding of the application of deep learning in genomics-based cancer classification, highlighting avenues for improving medical diagnostics through advanced neural network architectures.

Paper Title : Tensegrity Structures in Contemporary Design: Exploring the Interplay of Art and Engineering for Aesthetic Appeal, Structural Efficiency, and Sustainable Innovation.

Visuwat Malai

Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok
Abstract :

This comprehensive research delves into exemplary case studies and research endeavors, illuminating the harmonious integration of art and engineering within tensegrity-inspired designs. The primary focus is on accentuating the intrinsic aesthetic allure and structural efficiency of tensegrity structures, thereby advocating for their seamless integration into design practices. By elucidating the potential and conducive properties of tensegrity structures in fostering design innovation, the study seeks to narrow the gap between architectural concepts and practical applications. The research employs a multifaceted approach involving discussions, case studies, hypotheses, experiments, and conclusive findings to cultivate a nuanced understanding of the aesthetic, structural, and sustainable dimensions of theory-informed design principles, particularly within the realm of tensegrity structures. This qualitative experimental initiative systematically explores the integration of tensegrity structures into diverse design domains, utilizing observation and experimentation. Foundational principles of tensegrity structures serve as a critical framework, facilitating the convergence of theoretical constructs with practical applications. The research extends to various possibilities for utilization and production processes, exemplified by the integration of tensegrity structures with furniture design. This innovative synthesis holds promise for profound applications in contemporary design, where theoretical frameworks seamlessly align with practical implementation. In essence, the study endeavors to explore the application of tensegrity principles in creative design, categorizing works in architecture, interior design, furniture design, and decorative art. This effort establishes a robust conceptual framework that integrates principles from science, engineering, and art, thereby fostering innovative designs with diverse applications.

Keywords Design, Furniture, Structures, Tensegrity

Paper Title : Pilot studies to produce steel from mill scale: Novel approach to recycle waste material

Urmil Dave

Institue of Technology, Nirma University, Gujarat, India
Abstract :

Mill scale emerges as one of the byproducts rich in iron, originating from the steel production process within hot-rolling steel companies. Typically constituting 1% to 3% of the weight of the steel subjected to milling, this study focuses on the transformation of mill scale into Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) through an induction furnace, leveraging the reduction process. The research commenced with the design of a suitable induction furnace, exploring various process parameters related to processing, optimization, and characterization. The induction furnace underwent scrutiny involving different combinations of mill scale, reducing agents, time, and temperature. However, challenges arose during the introduction of mill scale with reducing chemicals into the furnace, leading to practical issues, notably damage to the furnace lining. To overcome this obstacle, a crucible with a neutral lining material was introduced, resolving the furnace lining damage. Subsequently, bridging issues were identified within the furnace, posing a safety concern by impeding the uniform distribution of heat in the reaction mass. This challenge was addressed by forming lumps of raw materials with reducing agents, subsequently charging them into the furnace for processing. In the final step, the successful production of DRI from mill scale, a waste material, was confirmed by XRD and EDAX characterization. This research not only sheds light on the creation of value-added products from waste but also contributes to preventing losses within the steel industry, reducing pollution loads, and opening avenues for environmentally sustainable practices in the stainless steel sector.

Keywords circular economy, material recycle, induction furnace, direct reduced iron

Paper Title : Maximizing Online Collaboration Tools in Enhancing Student Engagement: A Qualitative Study

Mikaela Maria Isabel Soriano

Abstract :

This study examined how Online Collaboration Tools are utilized by Junior High School teachers synchronously and asynchronously. Moreover, the challenges and the coping strategies employed have been explored. A semi-structured interview was employed for data gathering. Interview transcripts constituted the collected qualitative data. The qualitative data were analyzed in three major stages: open-coding, axial coding, and selective coding. The thorough analysis of the data resulted in five major themes that represent the findings of the study: 1, teacher's understanding of OCTs, 2, uses of OCTs synchronously and asynchronously, 3, student-related challenges, 4, teacher-related challenges, and 5, coping strategies. Results reveal that teachers employ OCTs in their instruction to improve student engagement. These tools are mainly employed as they allow students and teachers to collaborate, communicate, and discuss online. Problems arise commonly due to technological concerns, time management, and reduced student participation. Teachers and educational institutions observe means to mitigate the challenges by engaging more in understanding OCTs and improving technicalities.

Keywords online collaboration tools, online distance learning, pandemic, student engagement

Paper Title : Crossing Cultural Boundaries: An Analysis of the Innovation Path of China's Opera A Dream of Red Mansion

Zhixiang Xu1,

School of Creative Industry Management & Performing Art (SCIMPA),Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysi
Abstract :

The success of the English opera Dream of Red Mansions overseas is a phenomenal event. This also shocked Chinese opera creators and promoted the reflection of Chinese opera creators. Based on this background, this article carries out the study of the English opera Dream of Red Mansions. This article discusses the reasons for the success of the Dream of Red Mansions through the research on the adaptation strategies of the opera Dream of Red Mansions, such as the choice of storyline, the consideration of character selection, the deviation of the narrative perspective, the innovation of artistic presentation form and the design of the narrative structure. And this article uses a comparative case analysis to compare the English version of the opera Dream of Red Mansions with other existing opera examples in China, and obtains the advantages of Dream of Red Mansions in artistic creation. Therefore, this article firmly believes that the success of the Opera Dream of Red Mansions has set a model for the world dissemination of Chinese drama: facing the world with Chinese characteristics, showing it to the world with full cultural self-confidence, and respecting the subjectivity and cultural uniqueness of the work, creating a masterpiece with unique Chinese cultural spirit and cultural philosophy in the context of Western discourse.

Keywords Opera、Dream of Red Mansions、Comparative Research、Chinese and Western Integration

Paper Title : Gamification Techniques in Teaching and Learning Exploratory Courses in Technology and Livelihood Education: A Phenomenological Study

Louiecris M. Regudon,

De La Salle University Integrated School – Laguna Campu
Abstract :

The traditional teaching method has been employed in the educational system for a long time and requires no active engagement from the students, making lessons challenging to comprehend. The use of gamification techniques in learning, on the other hand, removes the formalities of learning and allows learners to learn while having fun. This qualitative phenomenological study aimed to investigate the students' perspective on using gamification techniques in teaching and learning exploratory courses in Technology and Livelihood Education. The study explored the game experiences of 7 participants who experienced and were affected by using gamification techniques in education. This study used the Modified Stevick- Colaizzi-Keen phenomenological method of data analysis to examine the participants’ transcripts. Analysis of the data gathered during the interviews developed four themes: 1) Connect: Building relationships; 2) Change: Traditional schooling is too formal and boring; 3) Captivate: Learning is fun when it is linked to memorable experience; 4) Compete: To compete and be recognized. Findings from the study recommended the following: a) educational institutions should consider including the use of gamification techniques in their curriculum to provide students with appropriate learning opportunities; b) researchers and developers can create more engaging resources for students' enjoyment and learning; c) school administrators should consider enrolling teachers in professional development seminars and training linked to gamification approaches; d) future scholars can choose to perform a qualitative and quantitative study on their subject areas to add to the body of knowledge in this understudied field, and e) future study collaborations on the application of gamification approach in teaching and learning can be done with educators from other countries.

Keywords Gamification Techniques, Games, TLE, Exploratory Courses


Fidelis Gigih Triatmaja

Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Abstract :

The increasing emphasis on maintaining ecological balance has prompted the investigation of substitute materials and recycling techniques, such as the combination of recycled ABS with virgin ABS. This method not only decreases the amount of plastic waste, but also improves the mechanical characteristics and overall quality of the composite. The tensile strength is essential for ensuring the optimal performance and superior quality of the end product. The Taguchi approach, a statistical methodology for experiment design, has proven effective in optimizing injection molding processes. This work uses the Taguchi and PCR-TOPSIS methodologies to optimize the tensile strength of a composite material consisting of both recycled and virgin ABS, while simultaneously minimizing shrinkage. The research findings revealed that the optimal conditions were achieved by combining a mixture ratio of 70:30, a mold temperature of 60°C, a melt temperature of 230°C, and a packing pressure of 150 Bar. Out of the four factors, the packing pressure is the most significant factor

Paper Title : Gender-responsive policies to support women start-ups to make a difference in the world

Ulrike Guelich

Bangkok University School of Entrepreneurship and Management
Abstract :

The 2019 Social Enterprise Promotion Act in Thailand aims to promote social enterprises and their development as self-reliant businesses with the long-term goal of developing a fair and sustainable country. A lack of studies on Thai social entrepreneurship and what drives entrepreneurs to create a social enterprise exists. With a sample of 2,000 respondents from Thailand, we aim to answer this question and use linear regression to investigate if being aware of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, using digital technologies, own skill perceptions and overall attitudes towards entrepreneurs in the country’s context increase the likelihood of starting social enterprises. In a gender comparison, our findings highlight the importance of the societal context for both genders. Male startups have a more individualistic perspective and are triggered by power, respect and societal recognition, whereas women are influenced by a more collectivistic perspective with an emphasis on the success and the visibility of other successful startups in the society. They are rather pulled into social entrepreneurship by other good examples than by prestige as for male startups. Our findings demand a gendered approach of governments, educators, and institutions to increase start-up rates of businesses who make a difference in the world.

Paper Title : Architectural legacy: French Colonial Administrative building in Cambodia

First Truong Thanh Hai,

University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City
Abstract :

The study focuses on the architectural landscape of the French colonial period in Cambodia, specifically emphasizing office architecture. The topic was chosen due to the paramount importance of understanding the French influence, the amalgamation with indigenous traditions, and the architectural evolution in the region.
The French colonial era distinctly shaped the architectural identity of Cambodia, leaving lasting imprints on its built environment. Examining the architectural developments during this period is crucial for unraveling the complexities of cultural assimilation, power dynamics, and the fusion of Western design with local influences. By scrutinizing the French architectural footprint, nuanced insights into historical exchange and adaptation emerge.

Keywords Cambodia, Administrative Buildings, Characteristics, the French colonial period, Cultural context, traditional, climate, adaptation

Paper Title : The Cutting Parameter Optimization of CO2 Laser Cutting with Taguchi-Grey Relational Analysis Method

Rudi Kristianto

Master Program in Industrial Engineering, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Abstract :

Acrylic is extensively used in automotive, electronics, and advertising due to its light, transparent, and easily machinable properties. This research aims to determine the optimal cutting parameters for acrylic in CO2 laser cutting using multi-response optimization. Taguchi-Grey Relational Analysis was applied in this research to find the optimal parameters. Four parameters were considered in this research, namely - laser power, feedrate, nozzle distance, and acrylic thickness. Those parameter's effects will be studied towards two responses, namely surface roughness and dimensional inaccuracies. Employing the Taguchi method with L16 orthogonal array, the grey relational analysis identified the optimal cutting parameters as follows: 90% of laser power (LP), 10 mm/min of feedrate (F), 5 mm of nozzle distance (ND), and 4 mm of acrylic thickness (T).

Index Terms Taguchi Method, Gray Relational Analysis, Laser Cutting CNC machine.

Paper Title : Mental Health Care Using IoT, AI, and Blockchain

Dr. Anjum Nazir Qureshi

Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Research & Technology, Chandrapur, India
Abstract :

Mental health has become the most discussed issue in the world. With the increasing cases of mental health among all the age groups especially after the pandemic, researchers are working to use some emerging technologies to handle the issue. The Internet of Things (IoT) is being used increasingly to make health care more affordable and accessible to everyone. Earlier IoT was used to monitor health parameters by using wearables. Extensive research and advancements in the IoT domain have paved the path for tackling issues related to mental health. IoT can be combined with Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning to give better results. The IoT wearables are subjected to high risks of malicious attacks due to the health care data. The attackers can compromise the devices and alter the health parameters. This will deliver false information to the doctors, relatives, and the caretakers thus sometimes leading to fatal consequences. Some of the advantages of using Blockchain and AI for IoT health care are: making data management more scalable and reducing the risks of illicit activities. The ability of IoT to obtain real-time data to indicate patterns of activity and behavior of the people and remote monitoring of patients by the health care professionals can contribute to improving the quality of life for the patients and their well-being. This chapter will discuss the effectiveness of IoT systems in combination with AI and Blockchain technology for mental health care.

Keywords Mental Health, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Security, Privacy